The Giles County Soil Conservation District (SCD) held a Poster Contest in October that was offered to students in Pre-K thru 6th grades.
Each year the Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts (TACD) announces the opportunity for Districts to participate locally. The contest allows students to share their ideas and thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues. This year’s theme was “Local Heroes-Your Hardworking Pollinators”.
The Giles County SCD made available cash prizes in three categories:  Pre-K and 1st grades, 2nd and 3rd grades, and 4th thru 6th grades.
First and second place winners were selected in each category and teachers were awarded matching cash prizes. First place winning posters will be entered into a statewide contest where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be selected in each category. Winners in these categories will also receive cash prizes.
Richland Elementary, Richland Jr. High, Southside Elementary, and Home School students had a total of 31 posters entered into the contest.
1st and 2nd place winners were awarded to students at Richland Elementary School and to 2 Home School students.
The Giles County SCD would like to "Thank All" the students and teachers who participated.
Giles County Soil Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.