Truax Drill

Truax Drill

The Truax Drill has an 8’ span with 3 different bins for different types of seed.

The drill width is 11'.

The drill needs a 45-70hp tractor w/ hydraulics to operate it properly.

The drill’s primary use is for planting Wildlife Food Plots, it can be used to plant alfalfa, Native Warm Season Grasses, and wildlife friendly seeds.

The lease rate is $6.00/acre or a $50.00 minimum. Whichever is greatest.

Completion of the Lease Agreement and a $50.00 deposit is required before picking up drill.


Herd Seeder                                                                                                                                                                                               olpl

The Herd Seeder will hold 77 pounds of fertilzer or 1.2 bushel of seed.                                                                                                                   

The spread width is 28 foot. 

The cost to rent the seeder is $100. This amount will be given back upon the return of the seeder. 


Polywire Fence Kit

The polywire fence system is avaiable to Giles County landowners wanting to manage their resources properly but do not have the equipment to do so. 

Items avaiable are: polywire reels, fence charger, step in posts, ground rod, tester, and jumper.                                                                                    

These items can be rented individually or as a kit. 

A $250 deposit is required and will be given back upon the return of the leased items. 




 Want to Reserve this Equipment?

Please stop by or call our office @ 931-363-2675 x3. 


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