On Wednesday, September 27th, the Giles County Farm Bureau Women hosted the 22st Annual Farm Day Tour. The sun was bright and the day was beautiful for all 4th graders in Giles County to meander thru barns and Ag buildings at the Giles County Agri Park in Pulaski, TN. This year there were approximately 325 students and an additional 75 volunteers participating in a day of endless Ag information.

Students toured eight stations which included: Dairy, Bees, Beef, Equine, Poultry, Soil Conservation, Corn/Soybeans, Wild Life, Hand Washing and Wolf Gap Education Outreach.

Brian Flowers of the Giles County Board talked with students about “Dairy” and allowed the students the opportunity to try their hand at milking the dairy cow model. Flowers Farms brought to the event Holstein baby calves from his farm. They explained the process of the milking and what kind of feed and how much it took for one cow to produce the milk for a bowl of cereal. “Bees” are always one of the favorites for students. Benny & Barbara Birdsong showcase their bees and with the help of Conrad Pfeiffer explained how bees produce honey. Students have the opportunity to sample this delicious honey during their visit. The Giles County FFA classes of Giles County High and Richland High are a big help in explaining the importance of “Beef” and other animals found on the farm.   The 4th graders learned that Giles County is ranked 2nd for largest producers of beef cattle in Tennessee. FFA students shared facts about the horses that were on site and the popularity of horses in Giles County. Also in the mix was chickens, rabbits, ducks, cattle dogs and a pot belly pig. Tori McWilliams and Neil Newton with The Giles County Soil Conservation District entertained the attendees with Ag Trivia.    Categories of Trivia included “Water”, “Corn/Soybeans”, and “Soil”. Students were awarded a “Water Cycle Bracelet Kit” for their participation in playing Ag Trivia. Ag Trivia is a successful method of getting students involved and helping them to learn about the earth’s Natural Resources and it educates our youth in Agriculture in preserving the Farmers for the Future. T. Petty of the Young Farmers & Ranchers gave a great presentation about Corn/Soybeans. The children were able to feel corn, soybeans and cotton. T. Petty shares the many uses and by-products of corn and soybeans. The Giles County Solid Waste under the direction of Julie Phillips donated recycled cinch back packs with this year’s logo on it. Going green will make the earth a much prettier place for years to come. Next the children were entertained by David Robertson and David Crane and his dog “Chester”. They got to touch and see many different furs from animals. They learned the importance of wild life and its impact with us. After they were finished up there the students take a few minutes as instructor Taylor Gobble demonstrates how to properly wash your hands. Last but not least we had a new presentation this year from Kelly Hamlin with Wolf Gap Education Outreach. She presented “Sheep to Shaw”. She showed the children the processes of turning cotton into thread. The children were very intrigued with the whole process. The teachers were able to go and learn about Ag in The Classroom while their classes where lead around by the Farm Bureau Women. Once again the First National Bank prepared and served a delicious lunch to leaders and volunteers.

From those who make monetary donations to those who share their livestock and products and volunteer their time, this event wouldn’t be possible without them! This group of amazing volunteers and sponsors are: Brian Flowers, Mike Mayfield, NRCS and Soil Conservation District Staff, Benny & Barbara Birdsong, Pfieffer Farms, 1st National Bank, Giles County Farm Bureau, Giles County Farm Service Agency (FSA), CB&S Bank, Giles County School Systems, Richland & Giles County FFA, UT Extension Staff, Young Farmers & Rancher, County Executive Janet Vanzant, Giles County Farm Bureau Women, Giles County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, Giles County Solid Waste, Giles County Antique Power, TN Soybean Council, TN Beef Council, TN Poultry Board, C&C Printing Factory, First Farmers Bank, Bank of Frankewing, Wolf Gap Education Outreach.

Article Written by Heidi Scherer, Farm Bureau