On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 the Giles County Soil Conservation District (SCD) met at Pfeiffer’s Corner Pit BBQ for dinner with local landowners and guests to recognize outstanding conservation achievements of several Giles County Farmers.  The SCD board selected individuals in three categories where landowners have made a difference with their land management practices.   The SCD starts with taking an overall look at farmers that qualify for each category, their commitment to conservation and how those landowners impact the conservation community as a whole. The categories are: Conservation Farmer of the Year, Forage Manager of the Year, and Wildlife Manager of the Year.


  ←2015 Conservation Farmer of the Year

Jason and Tommy Birdsong operate a corn, wheat and bean grain, and cattle farm in south Giles County.  They are dedicated No-Tillers during a time when most other row croppers are moving to turbo tillage systems.  The Birdsongs are implementing Soil Health practices on their farm which combines soil chemistry, soil biology and plant dynamics to build organic matter, manage soil moisture and nutrients, and control herbicide resistant weeds.


                                                                                     2015 Forage Manager of the Year

Bill Pfeiffer and his family have built an exemplary grazing herd utilizing recommendations by NRCS and some of the top grazing specialists in the country.  Working together with NRCS the Pfeiffer’s are promoting Soil Health through rotational grazing, freeze proof troughs, heavy use areas and exclusion fencing from streams. The Pfeiffer’s grazed through over 90 paddocks in 2015 using poly wire type paddock systems.



  ←2015 Wildlife Manager of the Year

The Butler Farm on Hwy 31 has a Northwest view that is breathtaking.  Jimmy, Jay and Jarred Butler have established food plots with a diversity of plant species including beans, sunflowers, pollinators, native grass and tree plantings.  Using NRCS recommendations they have converted several fields to Native Wildlife Habitat Species focusing on Quail, Turkey and Deer habitat. Multiple species of mast producing trees, including American Chestnut, are planted on the farm.



Giles County Soil Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.