March 29, 2016 marked another milestone for the Giles County Soil Conservation District Board Chairman, Rex Miles. Mr. Miles served 24 years on the Giles County SCD Board. During that 24 year period, Rex was elected and re-elected for eight terms.  Farmers continually put their trust in Mr. Miles who understands the Agriculture needs of the county. After attending more than 200 meetings during his tenure, Rex has decided it’s time to step down and make room for a new board member to fill the position. “After much consideration I just feel like it’s time to move out of the way and give someone else the opportunity to serve with a fresh look and new ideas”, says Rex. Being a leader in the community, Rex continues to serve as Vice-Chairman on the Giles County Planning Commission, Secretary/Treasurer on the Minor Hill Utilities Board and on the Giles County Growth Plan Board. In the county wide election held in March 2016, Leslie “Bubba” Parker was elected to serve a three year term on the board. Bubba is a retired educator, who lives on the family farm in the Bodenham community.  He raises Salers influenced cattle on Weakley Creek and Big Dry Creek. Also, re-elected to the board in the county wide election is Wade Edde, who has served on the board since 2003 and Larry Dickey, who has served since 2006. Other members of the board in appointed positions are, Bill Dunavant and Chris Edgmon.

The March board meeting was held at Wade Edde’s, Leatherwood Creek Farm Kennels. Wade hosted a breakfast in honor of the many years of serving on the board with Rex. Wade treated those in attendance with a breakfast of quail, pheasant, tenderloin, gravy, eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits and an assortment of fruit and beverages.

Former board member Paul Allen joined the celebration and thanked Rex for the years of service and dedication to Giles County. Paul served 21 years on the Giles County SCD board and retired from his position in 2015.

(picture to the right) On behalf of fellow board members, SCD staff and NRCS District Conservationist Rusty Walker, Rex is presented with a gift of appreciation.

(picture above - front row): Chip Rose, Carla Potts, Tori McWilliams, Wade Edde, Rex Miles, Bubba Parker.                    (back row): Rusty Walker, Bill Dunavant, Chris Edgmon, Larry Dickey, Paul Allen.


Giles County Soil Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.