The Giles County Soil Conservation District participated in the annual Ag-in-the-Classroom countywide event that was held on Wednesday, September 23rd at the Giles County Ag-Park.

Approximately 300 4th grade students and 50+ volunteers enjoyed a full day of Ag Learning. Stations were set up to visit farmers that brought their beef and dairy cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and bees. Other stations were represented by the UT Extension Agency, Soil Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, and Giles County Litter Program.

The Giles County Soil Conservation District entertained the attendees with Ag Trivia. The real entertainment came when students divided up into Team A and Team B and competed against each other. Categories of Trivia included “Water”, “Corn/Soybeans”, and “Soil”. Students were awarded a “Water Cycle Bracelet Kit” for their participation in playing Ag Trivia.

We feel that educating our youth in Agriculture preserves the Farmers for the Future. Ag Trivia was a successful method of getting students involved and helping them to learn about the earth’s Natural Resources.

If you would like to learn more about Ag Trivia contact our office at 931-363-2675 x3 or email us.

We would like to thank the Farm Bureau Board of Directors and Women, local farmers, local businesses and the cooperation of the school system and students for supporting this event. Without them it would not be possible.